WP - Welding Digital PRO Control Unit



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  • Constant current function (Adjustable tolerance, with secondary R.Coil Toroid)
  • 15 Programs (From the front panel or externally)
  • 7 intervals step process (Current ramp function, 0-99 cyc)
  • Single / Continu modes
  • SPOT / SEAM selection
  • 3 valve output: Control output to apply additional weld pressure at selected weld start/finish intervals. (Programmable v2 and v3)
  • Dimensions: 92x192 mm (DINNorm)
  • 4 digit weld counter: Succesful spot welded pieces are count and displays the reached target count.
  • Suitable for PLC automation / Automation connection: Necessary connections for PLC on complex welding queues (Weld finish signal, global error feed, welding program option, error erase)
  • Inputs (PNP, 10-30Vdc): Pedal (Start), Stop (NoWeld), TH (Thermic), Pressure sensor (PSW), Error erase(ErrRst), Parameter lock or Seam cornering (AuxIn), 4 external program selection
  • Pressure key input: Works with an auxilary pressure controller system on the machine. Waits for preset pressure values and displays error message if the value is not reached.
  • Outputs (NPN): 3 valve, Error output (GenErr), Weld termination (EOW)

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WeldPro Turkish Flyer

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WeldPro Turkish Instructions